How to check cp progress after cp has started

First, the easier way to do this is to use rsync in the first place. rsync -avh –progress sourceDirectory destinationDirectory However, sometime you think cp will be quick and you already kicked it off. Here is a quick way to check the progress of a copy command after you’ve already started. watch lsof -p`pgrep -x Read more about How to check cp progress after cp has started[…]

Ubuntu Command line Display Driver Change

Recently upgraded to 15.10 and that looked okay at first. However, the displa driver that it installed, NVIDIA, was causing issues. So I defaulted back to the open source driver and reboot. MISTAKE! Ended up causing the system to crash and couldn’t do anything about it. I rebooted into root terminal. Then ran a command to Read more about Ubuntu Command line Display Driver Change[…]

Failed to spawn command gulp

I ran in to the error with Atom, Failed to spawn command gulp. The solution for me was to install the module globally. $ sudo npm install -g gulp /usr/bin/gulp -> /usr/lib/node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js [email protected] /usr/lib/node_modules/gulp ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ([email protected]) ├── [email protected] ([email protected]) ├── [email protected] ├── [email protected] ([email protected], [email protected], Read more about Failed to spawn command gulp[…]